Our Mission

Our mission is to
Transform Medical & Beauty workwear. Medical and Beauty practitioners spend their days making others feel good. It’s now time for them to feel good and to be able to Work in Style.
“You take care of them & We’ll take care of you.”

No more uncomfortable unflattering Scrubs.

Our Scrub Sets are the perfect combination of Comfort, Style and Luxury.
The extreme comfort comes from the Antimicrobial Luxury Stretch material which is core-spun.
All of our sets are core-spun to ensure they remain looking as new for longer.

Why are All ScrubUP sets Antimicrobial?

An Antimicobial is applied to all our fabrics because...

- It fights off pathogens that could develop on the surface of the fabric.
- It is constantly working against microorganisms and prolonging the life of the fabric.
- It reduces the growth of unwanted bacteria on the Scrubs.
- Minimizes odours and stains
- Prolongs the entire life of our Scrubs.

Our Luxury Stretch Technology offers the most flattering fit whilst giving you the comfort to Work and Treat in Style.

You take care of them & We’ll take care of You. ScrubUP